NSure technology, at the forefront of innovation

Genes form the basis for the development of plants. Before a plant starts to bloom, develop fruits or visibly react to a certain treatment, the involved genes will become more or sometimes even less active. In the medical sciences, the measurement of genetic activity has been an indispensable tool for developing diagnoses and treatment plans for many years. NSure has further developed this technology and made it available to the agricultural sector.

NSure measures the activity of genes in plants and translates this into valuable information. This information can be used to determine the exact time at which treatments can be applied most effectively. This optimizes production and prevents harvest losses.

By measuring changes in gene activity as a result of the application of biostimulants or chemical agents, NSure advises producers of these substances about the optimal timing of application, formulation and dosage. NSure’s technology can make a real contribution to a more sustainable food production. 

Although our patented technology is applicable to all crops and a wide variety of issues, we are currently focusing on three central topics:
          BioResponse                                           Early warning                                                 Physiological switches