Cooperation is central for NSure

Projects with partners in the agricultural chain are central to our research and the development of practical tools. After all, who can describe a problem or question better than a customer and who can indicate better which solution is applicable in practice? Of course, our expert and highly-dedicated employees will help you develop the most appropriate research question as a starting point for our analysis. The NSure working method is based on various phases, from the definition of a problem to advice or the development of a test. The phases are described below:

Problem definition
Every good solution starts with a clearly-specified problem or problem definition. A problem definition starts with a bottleneck in a production or storage process, or a need for insight into the effects of a particular treatment. Should the customer be unable to solve or realize this with the knowledge that is already present in-house, NSure may be able to provide a solution. 

Experimental design
Our employees are very experienced in selecting the appropriate experimental design. The customer will of course be involved in this part of the process as the specific knowledge of the customer regarding his product and production process is needed by NSure to develop the most appropriate test plan. Depending on the complexity of the question and the desired result, completion of a project may take anything from a few weeks to several growing seasons. 

Sample collection
Samples of the plant are taken based on the test plan and usually in cooperation with the customer. The quality of the collected samples determines the success of the following steps. Information concerning the physiological state of the product in relation to the quality characteristic being investigated is gathered in this stage.

Molecular analysis
NSure takes a selection from the collected samples for large-scale genetic activity analysis. Information from this analysis is used to select the genes of which the activity is linked to the quality characteristic being investigated. The activity of the selected set of genes is then determined in the remaining collected samples. Through a repetition of the analysis, the reliability of the obtained results is assured and specified as much as possible.

Regular meetings and consultation with the customer lead to the desired information and solutions that benefit our customers in practise. In addition to operational coordination, interim reports are also prepared, which discuss the progress and preliminary results of the research. This allows for any adjustments as required by the customer. Every project is completed with a final report and an evaluation. Some projects ends in a commercial test.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and research ideas!