Plant vitality and Pathogens and Storage disorders

How healthy is your crop? Our innovative testing method enables you to detect infections before symptoms are visible, making early intervention and targeted control possible. Our method also provides a powerful tool in research on the efficacy and dosage of measures to increase plant vitality and resistance to pests and diseases.

Storage disorders and sales planning of carrot
Carrots in storage are prone to develop black spots, caused by various fungi. Long before the spots are visible, the infection can be detected in the increased activity of defence-related genes. This is easy to measure with our StoreNSure Carrot test. Based on the test results NSure can predict storage risks and advise you what to do. This way you can optimize your storage and sales planning.


The StoreNSure test is suitable for Nerac carrots, but the method is broadly applicable. We are currently developing tests for predicting physiological storage disorders in major apple and pear varieties. Contact us for more information for your product or storage problem. 

Early detection of mildew in tomato
Powdery mildew-infected tomato plants show increased activity of genes involved in the specific defence against this pathogen. In the experiment below, this molecular response could be observed within one day after infection, whereas it took nine days for the symptoms to become visible. Hence, measuring the activity of specific defence-related genes enables early detection and targeted control.

Based on this principle NSure is currently developing a test for mildew in tomato. But the method is also applicable to other plant-pathogen interactions, such as black spots in carrot. Contact us for a tailor-made test for the crop and pathogen of your interest!