Global leader in gene analysis

The agricultural chain is faced with the huge challenge of meeting a growing demand for food with a decrease in available farmland and crop protection products. This implies a need to increase production, improve quality and reduce storage losses in the chain. At the same time, the use of agrichemical products has to be minimized. However, this cannot be done without the use of innovative technology. The analysis of genetic activity is one of these innovative technologies and provides indispensable tools for enabling sustainable agriculture and horticulture.


NSure is the global leader in the analysis of genetic activity in the agricultural chain. In cooperation with our partners, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions to increase efficiency in every segment of the chain. Although our patented technology is applicable to all crops and a wide variety of issues, we are currently focusing on three central topics:

Physiological switches    -    Early warning    -    BioResponse (Reaction to treatments)

Projects with partners are central to our research and the development of practical tools. Our expert, highly-dedicated employees guide you in developing the most appropriate research question as a starting point for our analysis. Regular discussion and consultation result in the answer and solutions that you require. This approach leads to enduring relationships with leading parties in the international agricultural chain. Our unique technology is patented and, if needed, we apply for new patents.