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Management change at NSure

As per 1st of April 2018, current Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NSure, Peter Balk, will resign from his position. However, he remains closely involved as a shareholder. Frank Hoeberichts, who has been employed by NSure as Senior Scientist since 2010, will take over his position as CTO.

Frank Hoeberichts, PhD, will bring his expertise, experience and knowledge, built during his years at NSure, to develop new tests. He will also be the main contact point in case of technical questions from the industry.

From April 1st 2018 on Peter Balk will allocate his knowledge and experience in favour of Wageningen University and Research. Peter Balk: “Having shown with the NSure team that a technology developed at Wageningen University and Research can result in practical applications, I am delighted to return to the research sector. At Wageningen Plant Research, Team Randwijk, I will dedicate myself to finding ways in which storage of fruit and vegetables can be improved. Close to the day-to-day practice, as I was used to at NSure, and with a strong link to the cultivation of crops. Location Randwijk offers me an excellent platform to realise new and challenging projects.”

Peter Balk’s contributions to the development of NSure and the technological progress of the agribusiness have been significant. On behalf of the company’s shareholders, management team and employees, we want to thank Peter for his contribution to the growth of NSure. We wish Peter all the luck in his future endeavours.