BloomNSure Hydrangea

The BloomNSure Hydrangea test enables you to determine when your batch has received enough cold to be stored into cold storage. 

The test is mainly based on the activity profile of a set of genes which are involved in cold tolerance, and can be used to monitor the cold tolerance stage of the flower buds accurately. By using the BloomNSure test you will lower the risk on the occurrence of dehydrated terminal flower buds and unequal flowering. The BloomNSure test is suitable for rooted- and 18 months old cuttings grown outdoor and in unheated greenhouses.

Based on the outcome of the analysis, the batch will be categorized in one of two stages: not storable and storable. With help of the NSure Index you can follow the level of cold tolerance of your batch(es).

For the availability of the BloomNSure Hydrangea test, please contact NSure.

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