BreakNSure G3

The BreakNSure test enables you to accurately monitor the physiological status of your female vines in an orchard. The test provides a status determination of your vines, days before the anticipated application moment of your budbreak treatment.

The test is specifically developed for the New Zealand market and only intended for analysis of Gold3 kiwifruit buds. With the result, you will be able to optimise the application timing of your budbreak enhancer. In kiwifruit, an optimal budbreak treatment for G3 results in an effect on bud break, the number of king flowers, and the number of lateral flowers.

The test result is an index that reflects the physiological status of your vines. Based on the combined activity of relevant genes, the index specifies the actual stage of your vines, compared to the optimal window for your budbreak treatment.

If you are interested in BreakNSure G3 for kiwifruit, please, contact our exclusive distributor for the New Zealand market: Farmlands Co-operative New Zealand, +64 (0)800 200 600.